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Sterilization Services

    Vention Sterilization Services utilizes four 8-pallet and one 1-pallet stainless sterilization chambers that use 100% EO. Preconditioning is used to get your product up to acceptable temperature and humidity levels so that sterilization is more effective. Our facility uses a single preconditioning room heated to 110°F with 65% RH. Once in the chamber, a validated software program controls all stages of the sterilization cycle, including EO gas injection, vacuum stages, and nitrogen and humidity injection.  Aeration is conducted in six large cells heated to 110°F or 120°F with periodic 2,500 CFM fresh air purge.

    Our facility has been specially designed to streamline the flow of your product (see diagram below). Because of this design, non-sterile and sterile product are clearly segregated. It also allows us to operate very efficiently and give you the shortest turnaround times possible.

    Additionally, Vention Sterilization Services is located next to one of our manufacturing facilities, which offers LAL and BI sterility testing services. Our close proximity eliminates shipping costs and transit times allowing faster load release. Vention can also validate reduced BI incubation time, which allows sterility testing in as little as 3 days.

Engineering Sample Processing

    We offer fast, convenient sample processing for a great price. Our customers simply fill out our sample processing request form and submit it with their samples. We will process the sample with a standard load or by itself. Our quick turnaround is designed to get your samples processed so you can finish your required testing faster than with our competitors.

Give us a call at (616) 643-5560 to find out more.

Did You Know?

    Ethylene oxide is the main ingredient used to make ethylene glycol, more commonly known as automobile anti-freeze.