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“Compared to other EO sterilization suppliers, Vention Sterilization Services is ahead of the game. The provided services are highly recommended.”
-Miguel Rochin
   Medtronic Mexico

“Vention Sterilization Services has always been very helpful and knowledgeable.”
-Terri Sokolowski
   North Coast Medi Tek

“SSI deserves recognition...for the tremendous service on delivering EO conditioning for our very demanding DV schedule! Great thanks!”
-Brian Carion
   Medtronic Brooklyn Park

“The service and current performance has been excellent for a long time.”
-Casey Kurek
   Northgate Technologies, Inc.

“It is a pleasure to work with Vention Sterilization Services. They are responsive and focused on quality.”
-Sue Caviness
   Smiths Medical

Our Company

Vention Sterilization Services has been providing quality EO Sterilization services since 1990. Over the years, we have grown from an in-house facility to a fully capable contract sterilizer with many customers around the US and North America. Vention Sterilization Services has four large chambers and a single smaller one. Because we have chambers of multiple sizes, we can easily handle loads from one cart to eight pallets, while still offering our customers the best value.

Vention Sterilization Services is owned by Vention Medical, one of the world's leading medical device manufacturers. We are able to leverage the benefits of being part of a multi-national corporation, but still offer the kind of customer service and personalized attention you get from a smaller company.

Quality Vision
Our three pronged approach to quality includes the following:

  • Customer Focus - Understand and exceed our customer requirements.
  • Continuous Process Improvement - Focus on continuous improvement while measuring and tracking our performance.
  • Employee Empowerment - Foster a culture of teamwork that shares common objectives, respects cultural diversity, and involves full employee participation.